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About AlmoVerken

About AlmoVerken

At AlmoVerken in Gnosjö, we manufacture products that both help you keep order of your production and your warehouse, and also enable an efficient working environment and waste management. Both design and production take place in Sweden, which means that we work closely with our customers and can deliver high quality products in a short time.

Our customers are located in both Sweden and Northern Europe and we deliver to all industries from county councils and municipalities to the automotive, brewery and food industries etc.

Almoverken’s operations began in the mid-1970s and for almost 50 years we have accumulated a great deal of experience and knowledge in material and environmental management.

High availability

Our customers value availability. Therefore, we stock a large part of our product range in our 17,000 sqm large premises in Småland, Gnosjö, which guarantees fast deliveries.

The Almoverken is part of Jansson Industri AB.