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Company history

Company history

Here you can learn something of our history and how we have grown to be the complete supplier we are today.

1973: AlmoVerken gets its start as a spare time hobby for Olof Alm and his wife Dahlia in the town of Tranås.

1976: Olof Alm participated in the ELMIA mobile home fair to show off his products. At this fair, contact was established between Alm and Perstorp Form (today, Schoeller Arca Systems AB).

1978: Alm begins selling Perstorp’s products in his area, the counties surrounding Lake Vättern to begin with. This was such a success that Alm started a limited liability company.


Starting now, Alm and his wife worked full-time with Almoverken, extended its geographical area and continued to work primarily with Perstorp’s products. Plastic products are sold directly to end customers and re-sellers from the company’s own warehouse in Gripenberg, just outside of Tranås.

1987: Turnover increased quickly to approximately 2 million kronor, and after 10 years (1987) was approximately 3 million kronor. Sales covered all of Sweden.

Collaboration with Perstorp had become even closer and Perstorp’s confidence in AlmoVerken and work had strengthened in a positive way. A way that has come to characterise AlmoVerken’s entire history.

1988: AlmoVerken is sold to Christer Ahlstrand and the company moves to a bigger warehouse and offices/showroom in Tranås.

1991: AlmoVerken assumes responsibility for Perstorp’s smaller re-resellers and also takes charge of some post-processing work such as embossing plastic boxes, riveting labels and wheels etc. Results came promptly and turnover began to increase every year, to 10 million kronor.

2011: AlmoVerken forms today part of Jansson Industrigrupp.

2013: AlmoVerken receives orders for Bin cabinets to the world’s largest container ships can unload 18,000 containers.

2017/2018: Large machine investments are made in the parent company Jansson Industri to rationalize the production of material handling products.

2019: AlmoVerken moves into new premises and a successful investment in increased exports takes place.