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Bins 60 Liters

One of our best sellers are even better!
Introducing a new and improved design of the 60-liters bins with a lid. The bins and the lids has been improved with new smart ergonomic features that make it even more user friendly.
Some of the new smart functions:
Beveled edges prevents vacuum effect when stacking and Sharing
Drains water for washing the bins through the holes in the handles
Ergonomic carrying handle
The bag is securely in place via slots in the corners
Non-slip underside simplifies lifting and emptying
New easy-grip lid
Can be stored in the freezer (maximum freezing temperature is -20 ° C).
Accessories include lids and trolleys for one or two bins.

Ny tunna 60 L inkl lock  



Article: 1800 496
Dimension: 555x285x615 mm
Colour: White-010, Grey-050, Black-221
Volume: 60 liters
Material: Polypropylene