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Containers in various sizes for different needs.

All of our plastic containers are made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This is a recyclable plastic that is UV and impact resistant. It withstands temperatures from -40º to +90º. The material contains no additives harmful to the environment.

The containers are easy to tip and are well-balanced when pulled or pushed. The interior of the containers is smooth with rounded corners for easier cleaning. They are slightly conical to facilitate emptying waste.

Cleaning can be done manually or by machine. The 80-240-litre containers are fitted with 250 mm wheels as standard.

The 370-litre containers and the ErgoPlus have 300 mm wheels.

The ErgoPlus is also fitted with a third integrated, smaller front wheel.

The wheel axle is solid, giving the container weight, and is made of galvanised recyclable steel. The design of the lid causes rainwater to drain off, and its own weight prevents it from blowing open. The same type of locking plug is used for all containers. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The lifting flange is standard and fits the most common container lifters on the market.

The containers can be emptied by traditional sanitation vehicles, both rear and side loading. The lid and the container can be marked using hot embossing.

We offer many variants of containers with 2 wheels.


Containers in various sizes for different needs.